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Clinical Research
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To improve the production quality of videos in the ICRE’s summer core courses, we redesigned lecture slides to be more consistent with multimedia design principles. In order to maintain a sense of instructor presence, we recorded video “bookends” in which the instructor appears on screen to introduce the topic at the beginning of the lecture and summarize key points at the end. Then, we added an ICRE-branded bumper for greater polish and professionalism. We call these “bumper-bookend videos.” Here’s an example from Dr. Kathleen McTigue’s Clinical Research Methods course.

Use Design Principles to Improve Quality of Video Lectures

"The IDEA Lab team has been an essential component in the success of the ICRE summer core courses. Without their expertise and efforts, the transformation to flipped classrooms and video-based instruction would have been much more painful and probably much less effective."

- Dr. Kathleen McTigue 

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