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Slide Redesign

The IDEA Lab has helped faculty redesign slides for courses and presentations, adding modern templates, reducing extraneous text, incorporating appropriate images, and adding animations to enhance meaning.

CourseWeb and Document Redesign

The ICRE’s summer core is an intensive, challenging, accelerated program. Because students do a great deal of their work online and outside of class time, we wanted to reduce extraneous cognitive load and make learning more streamlined by creating more consistency in the visual design of course websites, syllabi, assignments, and other course materials. To this end, the IDEA Lab has “reskinned” the LMS interface for these courses, created consistent navigation, and redesigned course documents to be clearer, more standardized, and ADA compliant.

Instructor Guide Project

To help busy medical faculty keep teaching materials clear and organized (and make it easier when a new instructor takes over a course or session), the IDEA Lab has begun to create instructor guides for each course. Each guide follows a consistent format, identifying learning objectives for each class session, planned activities, logistics (time, required materials, etc.) We have also created online folders for each course, with all course materials clearly organized and labeled for easy access. This project is ongoing and expected to take several years to complete.

Idea 2 Impact (i2I) Course

The ICRE has recently launched its new Innovation Track with an introductory course in a flipped format called Idea 2 Impact. The IDEA Lab worked with instructor, Babs Carryer of the Innovation Institute, to design the course, develop scripts and slides, and record and edit video.

Videos were produced with a unique split-screen style to emphasis important information without losing instructor presence.

Watch Now
- Babs Carryer
"The IDEA Lab helped me formulate, develop and execute a new class for graduate students. Without IDEA Lab the class would have never happened. From the initial brainstorming sessions, to script writing, videotaping, editing and the final approvals, IDEA Lab was the cornerstone that made it happen. More than a partner, IDEA Lab is awesome. I already am looking forward to revamping an existing class to suit the needs of students, something that IDEA Lab knows all about."
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